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Beer and Cheese


Most of you have met Goanna Brewings Chief Bottle Washer, Linda, but did you know shes a cheese fanatic?

Weekend afternoons are a quiet beer in the back yard with a platter of cheese…the smellier the cheese the better.

When we opened the brewery one of the first things I researched was beer and food. Matching beer with food, cooking with beer, beer cocktails. Then I stumbled upon beer and cheese matching and I was in heaven.

The concepts are the same as cheese and wine. Once you understand the principles it’s just a matter of experimenting with your favourite beers and cheeses. You discover some surprising matches.

There is usually a keg of Goanna Pacific Ale in our keg fridge. With it’s intense aromas it’s a great match for the stronger flavoured cheeses.

I’m excited to be running another beer and cheese matching masterclass at our Members Event in March. We had so much fun at our last session.