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Tropical Cider



Tropical Cider  is back!!   Brewed with fresh local Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit & Lime. All Goanna Ciders use local seasonal fruit, so this variety  is only available December / January.








Strawberry Cider

During strawberry season, Goanna’s Strawberry Apple Cider is our single BIGGEST selling brew, even outselling Mackay Lager (and that’s saying something!).  Mackay is blessed with a huge variety of produce from local farms.  The Brew Crew take delivery of fresh local seasonal produce each month and brew it into great tasting ciders.  Check out  A Cider for Every Season. for our range and availablity.

We love playing around with flavours.  We are excited that Ballantyne’s Strawberries are returning this season. We even heard a rumour they might have blueberries.  Wonder what Blueberry Apple Cider would look like!


Twilight Markets

Goanna Brewing 6 packs of mixed beers ciders and alcoholic ginger beer available at the Friday River Street Twilight Market. We also stock our popular non alcoholic ginger beer in 330 ml stubbies and 1.25 litre PET bottles.

Say hi to Hayley and the Brew Crew at the Twilight Farmers Markets on the 2nd Friday of each month at Blue Water Quay, 4-8pm.

Why not grab dinner while your there from the fab vendors then wander on home with your 6 pack and a bag of fruit and vegetables from the local stalls.


Pine Lime Cider

At Goanna Brewing our cider making is inspired by the seasonal fruit available around us in our tropical region. On my weekly trips to the Farmers Markets, I am constantly drawn to the pineapples.

Well, I think we’ve nailed it. Everyone loves the flavours of a Splice Icecream so why not Pine Lime Cider. Hayley and I think it’s one of our fav’s yet.

This will extend our range of ciders as pineapples and limes are available for so much of the year.