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Cheers and Sad Tears

Goanna Brewing is saying Goodbye to Zoe in July, so she agreed to write a special guest blogspot for us.

“To say the last twelve months has been a privilege is an understatement.

Twelve months ago I was pulling crazy hours as a chef cooking breakfast at a camp.  I saw the job of a lifetime advertised (I mean it’s beer it speaks for itself ?) and I sent through an application.

Let me set the scene: I had just finished a ten hour breakfast shift and set off for my interview.  If I’m completely honest the old brain cells weren’t firing on all cylinders and there was more than a couple of awkward moments were I stared off into space and zoned out. But Linda and the girls must’ve seen something special, either that or they took pity on me and they gave me the job.

The whole concept of actually loving your job had escaped me for most of my working life until I started at the brewery. This job is awesome, I love it. So that’s why I say it’s been a privilege.

I would like to thank all the wonderful Beer Hunters that had the absolute luck to come into contact with me.  I appreciate your support especially when I’d been at the brewery for six months and was still claiming it was my first day.  I know we aren’t supposed to play favourites but there’s a few Beer Hunters that went above and beyond, I owe you a beer ?(you know who you are)

To the girls at the brewery. Tammie,  Helena, Ashleigh & Robyn Thank you. Thank you for breaking into interpretive dance moves with me,  encouraging my love of cake and for letting me be ridiculously creative. Thank you for being positive about my cider concepts when if we are completely honest sometimes were questionable (salted caramel ?) thank you for not only being the best workmates anyone could have but for becoming friends.

Linda, thanks for being an amazing boss. For not yelling at me, even when I deserved it, encouraging me and helping me grow.  I’ve never had someone so patient and willing to teach me, even when I was super frustrating like when I wouldn’t use excel ? I appreciate it.  Low key if you wanna move the brewery to Darwin I’m cool with that. (It was worth a try. )

I’m pretty jealous of the next person that gets to hang out here,  although they have big shoes to fill, I’m awesome.

It’s been an absolute blast. I’ve learnt so much and grown as a person.  I’m going to miss absolutely everything about this job especially the beer ?

If your ever in the Northern Territory look me up,  we’ll have a beer. As long as your supplying and it’s a Goanna brew ??




The Brew Crew

The Brew Crew often get the question…

“Do you girls drink beer?”

Of course we do. Ok, maybe not all 222 beers but we have our favourites and never say no to a proffered glass.

Tammie is our go to for Cider quality assurance.

Robyn doesn’t shy away from beers with a bit of flavour.

Linda has a go at most beers, loves pale ales and lagers but isn’t a fan of dark beers that taste like burnt toast or vegemite.