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Farmers Markets Cider


I’m a Foodie.  I love food. I love cooking.I  love eating out. I love flavours… get the picture.  One of my favourite brewery jobs is hanging out at the Farmers Markets each Wednesday in search of new flavour combinations for our Local Produce Cider.
When we opened the brewery in 2014 we were given an Apple Cider recipe that, to be honest, smelt like composted apples and tasted like dry beer.  BLAH! We started from scratch. By playing around in the kitchen we quickly discovered that adding local seasonal produce was the key ingredient to a great tasting cider. Cider quickly because our second biggest selling brew, (after Mackay Lager of course)
Living in Tropical North Queensland we are blessed with a huge range of seasonal fruit. With the Greater Whitsunday Farmers Markets every Wednesday we now have access to fresh local produce, straight from the farmers markets.  Like these rosellas from Nannu Johnny Farm

Regards Linda

Rosella Cider

Farmers Markets Cider