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Single Hop Beers


GOANNA BREWING has a number of SINGLE HOP BEERS on our menu.

Single Hop Goanna Brews: #210 Goanna Pacific Ale


Feature hop: Galaxy Hops

History: Australian Hop released in 2009.

Aussie Brews: Galaxy is the basis of Stone & Wood and  Wild Yak’s Pacific Ale.

Aroma: Passionfruity

Hops are the flowers of the hop plant. Hops play a key role in the brewing of a beer; Hops provide aroma, flavour and bitterness. Usually a range of different hops are blended to provide the hop profile of a brew.  Some hops provide better aroma qualities than they do flavour, while others contribute great flavours but do little to the aroma .

In Single Hop Beers, instead of using a range of different hops, one single hop is used throughout the  stages of the brewing process, providing the aroma, flavour and bitterness to the beer. Single hop beers are great because they  allow a brewer to showcase the hop being profiled, while also educating the drinker on the hops’ various characteristics, and how it impacts the flavour and aromatic qualities of the beer.